Choose your favourite cocktails for your event from our signature cocktails below. 

 Local and International Beers & Wines available upon request.

Vodka, blood orange & vanilla syrup mixed with raspberry sorbet & raspberries 

Vodka shaken with home-made apple & strawberry purée, finished with fresh lemon

Licor 43 with fresh strawberry purée, finished with bubbles & melting marshmallow

White choc' liqueur with cake infused vodka, topped with ruby red grapefruit & white chocolate passionfruit

Rum & Amaretto with passionfruit pulp, served up with a fresh lemon twist 

Espresso Martini shaken, seduced & shackled in a twist of orange

A shot of Fairy Floss & a shot of 100's & 1000's

A healthier option of Gin shaken with freshly juiced cucumber, limoncello & Aloe Vera


Tequila & Cointreau with homemade blood orange syrup, finished with a squeeze of lemon

White rum & lychee liqueur, mixed watermelon & lime topped with Li'l Gummy bears


A number of cocktails can be selected for your private event, if you have any dietary requirements please let us know so we can customise for you.